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    GWE Organized a Delegation to Attend “HANNOVER MESSE 2013”
    Read:1597 Date:2013-07-26          


    From April 8 to 12,2013, GWE organized a delegation led by general manager Zhang Xitai, went to Germany to attend HANNOVER MESSE 2013”, 9 professional technical leaders of GWE sub-company participated in this exhibition. The keynote theme of this year’s HANNOVER MESSE is “Integrated Industry”.



    As the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology, this year’s HANNOVER MESSE attracted 6,550 exhibitors from 50 nations. GWE set up its most attractive booth in the center of the exhibition hall to exhibit GWE’s products by means of displaying samples and large poster boards, distributing samples, playing videos about GWE. During this exhibition., over 350 customers from different nations, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Lebanon, India, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Malta, Brazil, Ukraine, Croatia, and other countries and regions, visited GWE’s booth, and 55 customers of them communicated with our staff, which made a good publicity for GWE.


    The main industry categories in this exhibition are: The technology exhibition of industrial parts and sub-contracting; Industrial Automation exhibition;  Energy exhibition; New energy vehicle technology exhibition; Digital industrial exhibition; Research and Technology Exhibition; environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition; Power  and transmission control exhibition; Wind Energy Exhibition; Surface treatment technology exhibition; power plant technology exhibition; Compressed Air and Vacuum Technology exhibition; Coil and Coil Technology Exhibition and so on. It attracted a lot very famous company to participate in. China was the most strongly represented countries, there are about 730 Chinese enterprises among them. The top Chinese electric manufacturing factorys, such as: GWE, CHINT Electrics Co.,Ltd.; Jiangsu Daqo Electric Co., Ltd.; Guangzhou Baiyun Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. and other famous company attended .



       During the exhibition, GWE exhibitors also visited Siemens IA&DT company in Erlangen and ABB HV switchgear manufacturing company in Zurich, Switzerland.


       This exhibition is the largest one in recent years. It fully demonstrated the developing direction of modern “integrated industry”, and will have a great influence to global industry development.

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    Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China    Phone: 0931-8416153

    Fax: 0931-8415605    Zip code: 730000