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    Turkey IDEC Corporation Visited GWE
    Read:1224 Date:2013-07-26


    From May 23-24,2013, customers of Turkey IDEC Corporation visited Tianshui Great Wall Switchgear Co.,Ltd. and Tianshui Electric Drive Research Institute Co.,Ltd.


    According to the investigation and communication, the IDEC customers showed appreciation of advanced technical equipment, strong strength of research and development capacity, the elegant products, and the performance in overseas markets. Meanwhile, they expressed their wills to establish coorperation relationship with the GWE.


    This visit was one of the major achievements based on the International Industrial Exhibition in Hanover, Germany. It laid the foundation for exploit more international markets and strengthen corporation with global partner further.

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    Address: No. 215 Nongmin lane,Chengguan District , Lanzhou, Gansu , China    Phone: 0931-8416153

    Fax: 0931-8415605    Zip code: 730000