Drawing together the wisdom of three lineages;  yoga asana, acrobatics and healing arts such as Thai Bodywork, AcroYoga was developed by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer. AcroYoga serves the community as a conduit to cultivate communication,  playfulness and trust.

Melinda’s first introduction to AcroYoga (then Contact Yoga) was via a roommate in 2005 that had moved from San Francisco and they played around a lot in their front yard in Flagstaff. In 2008, she attended her first formal AcroYoga workshop with Carolyn Cohen and soon found Justicia Friese de Clue in Philadelphia.

Several immersions, classes, workshops and festivals all over and many new friends later, Melinda still continues to play the edge in this beautiful form of expression and will play with whoever is willing to trust and try. In July 2011, Melinda and 29 others (AYTT7) joined the worldwide kula of certified AcroYoga Teachers.