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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art  that incorporates elements of fight, dance, acrobatics, music, community, endurance, rhythm, strength and freedom of expression.

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ANYONE CAN DO CAPOEIRA! All ages and abilities are welcome to join us!

Build your strength, coordination, and confidence by doing this fun, yet complete workout. Beyond the workout, you learn discipline, focus and make many new friends from around the globe. Risadinha has nearly 15 years experience in this art-form and is eager to share what she has learned. Her additional experience and education in Physical education makes this a fun, safe yet challenging workout for anyone. Capoeira goes beyond the workout complete with music and history so that everyone, regardless of physical ability is able to participate at some level. The only way to get in shape for capoeira is to do it.


This Brazilian martial art was developed by some of the 3.6 million enslaved Africans that were brought to Brazil from 1500 to the late 1800’s. Although widely practiced, capoeira was still illegal and the fight had to be disguised as a dance played to music of the berimbau and other instruments even after slavery was abolished in 1888. Only after a presentation in 1934 by Mestre Bimba (Manuel dos Reis Machado), the creator of the style Capoeira Regional, did President Getulio Vergas make it legal in 1937. Mestre Bimba was the first to bring the art off the street and taught in a formal academy. Another significant figure is Mestre Pastinha (Vincente Ferreira Pastinha) who formally developed Capoeira Angola. Since this time the artform has spread around the globe.


Professora Risadinha has trained since 2002 with ASCAB Capoeira under Mestre Doutor. Music and motion have always been integral components of her life, so the synergy of the two found in capoeira was irresistible. Risadinha has had the privilege to have trained and performed all over the United States and internationally. Risadinha has lived in Brazil on two occasions to deepen her study and understanding of the culture, capoeira, music and the Portuguese language.

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