Announcing – Jogo Dela Capoeira Encounter : 2.0 Greenville Edition is on for March 18-19, 2016. Join us for many workshops, roda, bate-papo in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina.

Tickets are on sale now here at our store site.

This video is from our first annual Jogo Dela event. Jogo Dela is an event that holds space for women in capoeira while being open to all.



Our first event was a great success with participants from everywhere; California, Trinidad, CT, NC, NY and Florida. Our guest teachers were just as impressive; Professora India of UCA Miami, Professora Joy of Capoeira Brasil NYC, Professora Minha Velha of Capoeira Batuque South Bay, Professor Costela of Cordao de Ouro Jersey Shore and Malaïka of Fraima Brazilian Samba Productions.

Many friends came to join us in this celebration of women in capoeira. This year we honored Queen Nzinga. A contemporary to Zumbi Palmares, She is an Angolan queen that worked forty years to liberate the Angolan people from slavery in Angola. Her name, pronounced is pronounced “ginga”, like the base movement in capoeira. When she would write Portuguese officials, she would sometimes sign “Ginga” and this may be where we got the name for the movement.

Every year we will honor a famous woman in the history of capoeira. While she may not have done capoeira, no doubt her efforts in Angola influenced Capoeira.